To start out this post, I want to mention that farming this does require decent gear. I personally found that 425-450AP is enough to be useful in duo’ing the following, however if you wish to solo it, expect to need higher. Aim to be able to put out about 400k damage in 1 minute, or you will have trouble. For comparison, if you can do Janghado in 2 minutes, or Mushin form 1 in about a minute, you should be fine. If you cannot, you will either need to be VERY careful in pulling, or bring a friend.

The respawn rate is high enough that you should never need to leave your camp, and the drops are reliable enough that it can provide a pretty steady form of income. I expect the price to drop a bit after this post, but this is only one of a few of my various farming method’s ill be releasing soon!


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