Words from the Author:

This guide focuses on maximizing efficiency by using the best grinding spots, while still doing select side-quests that pair up perfectly with the main campaign. Generally side-quests are only taken when they require extremely minimal or no extra time to complete, have incredibly useful rewards, involve defeating important breakthru or farmed bosses, or offer extremely high amounts of experience. Because this guide is so focused on a minimalist approach, I DO NOT recommend this guide for new players, as they will miss many of the best things about leveling a character for the first time.

Because you can only gain experience from mobs within 3 levels of yourself, and all quests give the same experience regardless of level, it is generally best to focus your efforts to whatever can grant the highest experience per hour, while still keeping your main quest progressed. Because of this, there will be times throughout the guide where the main quest will intentionally be left up to 10 levels behind current progression, allowing you to focus on the higher exp rate of key grinding locations, without gaining quest experience to push you past those locations. You then are able to go backwards, complete the quests, and “hop” over less efficient options. This is seen in great effect in the lower lvl 30 range, as almost every other guide requires you to farm the “Yes Man Fight Club” in order to get experience, however that specific dungeon is actually VERY poor experience, there are just no other options. By intelligent routing, you can skip this entire section of slow progress, without needing to farm, grind, or do side-quests.

With this guide, I have managed to reduce my time 1-45 to around 11 hours, without using food buffs (on a class with efficient AOE). I believe that with more efficient routing, I can reduce this time to around 9.5 hours, and as low as 6.5 or 7 with food buffs.

Right now, the guide only goes up to about level 16-17, but will be getting updated constantly throughout the next couple days as I finalize the routing and quests for the remaining portions to make them the most efficient. I also want to do a full path at the end, and add in better NPC names, cleaner town routing, and fine-tune the guide text/layout, however that will wait until after the entire guides content is finished. I hope to have the entire viridian continent finished by the update, cinderlands by the weekend, and moonwater by early next week.

Finally, I want to make a note that no guide can ever tell you the perfect path and way to level. The best leveling speed always will require flexibility. The following tips can help you in this journey, but nothing can beat an intelligent mind, and lots of practice.

  • Always kill mobs on the move if possible, and look to pull larger packs at every opportunity.
  • Constantly be aware of your stamina, and if you run out, pull and kill 1-2 mobs while it recharges, then continue.
  • Avoid ever having full stamina if possible while traveling. Avoid ever having empty stamina and being forced to walk if you could be getting xp at the same time!
  • Changing channels restores your stamina to full, use this for the longest runs.
  • Changing channels can also be used to repopulate mobs and respawn quest gatherables. Deciding when to change channels and when to stay is difficult!
  • Grouping can save time in quests, but also splits mob EXP. Only group in farmed areas if you can double your kill rate or more (which is almost always bad for one or the other person), or if you are only in an area for a quest. If you group too much, be aware that you may need to supplement your XP to reach checkpoints.
  • When you use a food buff, make sure you are in a position to get all 30 minutes worth of value, or are willing to waste the leftover time. Generally this guide will tell you when it is safe to utilize xp food.



BOLD: Bold text generally is important details, such as quest names, important NPC’s, Mobs, and similar.

Orange: Orange text is generally optional quests that can be used to add a bit of extra experience. Generally these will be a slower time then just grinding, but may be required for non-premium’s to reach the required level for various parts of the guide. These quests are not “bad” to do, but not as efficient as the normal path. If you do not have premium bonuses, or just don’t want to have to grind as long in the same places, grab these quests.

RED: Red text is for level requirements. Anytime you see red text, make sure that you are at least that level, as being under that level may make quests unavailable, and will halt your progress completely. Generally, this guide tries to keep you well clear of these limits, however if you skip too many optional quests, make mistakes like forgetting to turn quests in, leave areas early, or group too much. If you are not caught up in level, consider if it is faster to grind nearby mobs, or backtrack and do a few quests at the previous hub, but generally, look to avoid this situation at all.

Blue: Blue text is specifically for using xp food. Read this text if you want to consider using dragon soups, and ignore if you don’t.




Authors Note: I personally love Viridian Coast, its progression is relatively straight forward, and the pacing is done extremely well. Initially, our goal is to complete the bare minimum side quests to be able to grind the Dreamdrift. We then continue our quests, with the intent to hit level 20 exactly when our campaign is finished. Because you do not get a Brilliant Viridian Key from surveys, it is difficult to assess how much experience you will gain from running Blackram Narrows. As such, this guide is paced to assume you will get your upgrade weapon in 3-4 runs. If you get your weapon sooner, you may need to backtrack and farm any of your choice of locations to get the last bit of experience. If you end up needing to run Blackram narrows more than 4 times, you will likely have more experience than needed, which will not slow down your time significantly. (but you will have wasted time in Blackram). Because of this, it is difficult to route the last bit perfectly, especially if buff-food was used earlier in Dreamdrift. If you used xp food, and can afford to, I recommend considering buying a brilliant key from the hongmoon store using the currency exchange (they usually go for about 1.5G at the time of writing this).

Chapter 1-4: Follow the Campaign tutorial.

Chapter 5: Start Chapter 5, but do not use your Hongmoon Elements from the campaign reward. Collect “Soup Her Man”, “Positive Reinforcement”, “Aiding and Abeutifying”. After accepting these quests, you may use your weapon elements and turn in “Positive Reinforcement”. Complete all quests, then grab “I feel a Draft” when leaving town to head north.

Chapter 6: Pick up “Love is a Battlefield”, “I feel a Draft Pt. 2”, Head towards Abandoned Well, keep an eye out for the Blackram Seeker (usually on a hill directly across from the exit of the Abandoned Well; If you don’t find, skip. Once in the Mine, finish “I feel a Draft Pt. 2”, and “Way of the <Class>: Part 1”, Then return to the entrance via the portal. After exiting, keep an eye out for the Blackram Seeker if you did not kill earlier; once again, you can skip if it is difficult to locate. Return to town and turn in quests.

Chapter 7: Pick up “In Good Repair”, “Suspicions”, and “Blind Man’s Bluff”. Repair your weapon at the fire to complete “In Good Repair”, and turn it in before leaving town (if your weapon is not damaged, you can use your training weapon to complete this). Head towards Foshi Pyres, and collect the Bondberries along the way. Turn in all quests at Foshi Pyres, and accept “Dr. Jiangshi and Mr. Hyde”, “There will be Bloody Jiangshi”. Defeat the Stalker Jiangshi to the west, then head north of town for the Bloody Jiangshi. Return to town and turn in quests. Pick up “Not all that Shimmers is Gold”, part 1 and 2, spend your Jiangshi wheel tokens and equip the soul shield, Then head north to start Chapter 8.

Chapter 8: Continue “Not all that Shimmers is Gold, pt 3”, then head to the Bandit Lookout, and complete all 3 quests at once. Once complete, Windstride back to the Scouting Party. Pick up “Say No to the Dress”. Head towards Dusk Adder Stronghold, Killing a sentry along the way for Chapter 8.

Chapter 9: Finish Dusk Adder Stronghold (3 quests), escape out, then RUN back to the Scouting Party (do not windstride). Turn in quests, then windstride to Foshi Pyres.

Chapter 10: Follow Main Quest, completing the entire South Anchor, then Windstride to return to Foshi Pyres.

Chapter 11: Head towards Whalesong Cove, and stop to help the pig farmers on the way to acquire “Man with a Plan” (Skip if you do not find them on the roads). Continue main story. (Remember to wait for Dochun to windstride out before leaving the Tainted Grotto).

Chapter 12: Pick up “Miner Rescue”, “Socket to me”. Complete “Socket to me”, Then continue to Gloomdross Lookout. Turn in “Miner Rescue”, Pick up “Major Rescue”, “Dressed to Kill”, “Gold and Shackles”. Turn in “Dressed to Kill”, then head to the depleted goldmine. Complete all quests in the Goldmine and turn them in. If needed, Continue Grinding the Goldmine until you are at least LEVEL 10. Continue main story. After reaching the Dreamdrift, complete it once, and finish your campaign and training quest, then continue to run and aoe clear Dreamdrift until LEVEL 13. You can use an xp food here if you like, but only if you are using it on your first farming run (keep your level 12 survey food until told to use it). If you do use xp food, continue farming Dreamdrift until the food expires, or you reach level 15, whichever happens first. If you decide to utilize food here, you will significantly reduce your time spent at the Lair of the Yutay later, which I personally prefer to be skipped.

Chapter 13: Turn in quests, then pick up “All that Glitters”, Continue to the gold foundry to complete your training and “All that Glitters”, turn them in.

Chapter 14: head to town, then complete each of the 7 gathering guild quests. While the exact order of the quests you complete does not matter, only complete campaign and class quests when your gathering node is nearby, as there are nodes by both major quest goals. Utilize windstride travel to return from Cho’s house for a slightly faster time. After completing all gathering quests, pick up the 2 gathering guilds you wish to keep, or if you do not intend to level gathering, pick up TREEFELLERS and HERBSIDE SERVICE (you get experience for discovering nodes, and this guide will route you closest to the nodes for these guilds).

Chapter 15: Follow the main story. After completing 15, before 16, pick up “Knowledge is Power” if it happens to be convenient, or people are nearby to help kill.

Chapter 16: Follow the main story into the cave.

Chapter 17: Continue Main story, turning in “A New Start” on the way. Do your Windwalking quests as well.

Chapter 18: Main story some more!

Chapter 19: Windstride back to town, and CONTINUE THE MAIN STORY!!!

Chapter 20: Keep a special note as you progress the campaign to grab the collectables for your professions over the next 3 chapters, as they are worth quite a bit of experience! Grab the quest “Any Old Rock” from the Roadside camp, and then turn it in. Finish Chapter 20.

Chapter 21: Continue Campaign into Stillbrook. Pick up “Portrait of the King… Pt. 1”then exit town towards Woomah for the campaign. Kill patrollers you see to get the portrait, but don’t stay and farm for it, if you don’t get it, keep moving.

Chapter 22: Pick up “In Her Memory: Part I”, “You’re a Potter, Bokdol!”, “Dishing It Out”, “Not What It Used To Be”. Head towards the pot dogs, and focus on killing them for mushrooms instead of picking them up. Complete all quests, however if you don’t get enough kills for “Dishing it Out” before your campaign is complete, simply ignore it. “Not What It Used To Be” can also be ignored if nobody is nearby or you do not need the breakthrough item.  Windstride to town and turn them all in!

Chapter 23: Finish All of Chapter 23. Before completing this chapter, aim to be LEVEL 19. If you are not level 19, Run Blackram Narrows until you get your weapon (or hit level 19.25), then grind the “Lair of the Yutay” if you still need more experience. If you used food earlier in the guide, you should be well past level 19 already, so you can probably SKIP THIS GRIND!

Chapter 24: Continue your main campaign, skipping all side quests.

Chapter 25: Pick up “Lillies in the Valley” then Pick up and turn in “The Lone Monk”, Pick up “The Lone Guardian”. Gather Lillies and defeat reapers and defeat stonebiters, making sure to build the rock tower and grab the charm. Turn in all quests.

Chapter 26: If you still need your breakthrough weapon, Pick up “Getting the Axe”, then continue your main quest.

Chapter 27: If needed, Run Blackram Narrows as necessary for your weapon upgrade. You should be very close to LEVEL 20 by the end of the run, though as long as you are close, it is fine. If you are short on experience, go back and grind the coast until you are nearly level 20. Once you are close, finish your campaign in Viridian, and enter Cinderlands!



Authors note: Many of the quests in the 2nd half of Cinderlands are optional, but incredibly high exp/hour. Other guides have players farm the “Yes Man Fight Club”, “Boneyards” or similar open world areas, all of which are very poor experience per hour. To help avoid most of this, we will be intentionally delaying quests, pushing nearly 10 levels past where they currently are, using the 2 most efficient grind spots in the game, and then returning to our quests. This will allow us to use the suspended quest experience to push ourselves past needing to grind YMFC at all, and limit our time in the Boneyards significantly. We try to avoid needing to enter Boneyards until 36, as many classes have severe issues with the mobs inside, and are unable to pull and kill them efficiently until they get the level 36 gear and soul shield. Pay careful attention during this section, as it is calculated to be extremely close on experience, picking up the absolute minimum side quests possible. If you have premium experience boosts, while you can choose to skip side quests, each quest is generally more efficient xp/hr then Boneyards, and doing them will only reduce further the time spent in Boneyards, saving even more time.

Chapter 1: Not really much to say here, follow the main quest into cinderlands.

Chapter 2: Pick up “Whispers in the Woods”, then follow your main story. Cut up north briefly to turn it in, and grab the windstride point at Earthseer Hermitage, then continue the story.

Chapter 3: Continue the main story.

Chapter 4: Grab “God of the Shrine”, then complete and turn it in. Continue your Main story into the Sacrificial Chamber.

Chapter 5: Pick up “A Brother’s Penance”, “Culling the Cultists” and “Don’t Try This At Home”. Complete these as you travel towards theTomun Refugee Camp and complete Chapter 5. Once all quests are complete, Windstride Back to Oakshade village.

Chapter 6: Pick up “A Darkness at Tomun Range” then windstride to Earthseer Hermitage. If your windstride is still on cooldown, you can run, although it is usually faster to wait. Pick up “A Link between Realms”. Step just west of town and complete “A Darkness at Tomun Range”. Complete The Underroot, then Windstride back to Earthseer Hermitage and turn in all quests. You should be at least 50% into LEVEL 21 (this one is important. if you are not, you MUST get the exp, no cutting corners here, or you will be unable to progress properly). If you are not, grind the Underroot to reach level 21.5. Complete the quests “Lost Soldiers”, “F-F-F-Flowers, You Say?”, and “Reap What You Sew” on the way to Chapter 7.

Chapter 7: Head towards the Earthseer Bulwark, and continue your main story quest into the Darkglimpse. If you need to farm for your breakthrough weapon, do the quest “Vanquish the Horrible Nekuro” at the same time. After turning in Chapter 7, you should be LEVEL 22.

Chapter 8: Before leaving Earthseer Bulwark, pick up the quest “Required Upkeep”, and complete it. Return to town to turn it in, then pick up“The Withering Forest”, complete it, and return it. Pick up the continuation quest “Root Of The Problem”, complete it, and turn it in. Grab the quests “A Light In The Dark” and “A Plog In Need as you head east out of town. Light the lamps as you head east, then talk to the Plog in the house on the way to Wispwater Spring. Pick up “Puppy Love” and Continue “A Plog In Need”, completing both while defeating the Scouts for their antidotes. After Completing these quests, Return to town and turn in ONLY your campaign DO NOT TURN THE SIDE QUESTS IN.

Chapter 9: Pick up “Dismantling the Cult”, and “Holding Out for a Hero”, then head north to wraithbloom to begin your grind. Do not turn these quests until the below section is finished!


Cinderlands Grind: 

The following section will vary depending on how many food buffs you wish to use. It gets a bit complicated here, so read the entire section before deciding which option you wish to do. Doing the quests in this order allows us to use lower level campaign quests to “vault” us over the lower 30’s quests, which are all very slow in comparison.

If you intend to use no food buffs, simply grind in Wraithbloom Meadows until LEVEL 29. Purchase and use a “Yehara’s Mirage Return Charm” to teleport to Yehara’s Mirage, then proceed South, picking up the Crescent Spring Windstride, and then Grind the Vulture’s Dig and Jackal’s Dig until LEVEL 31 (or 32 if you have a lot of AoE and are not bored)

If you intend to use food buffs for the upcoming grind spots, read the corresponding paragraph below. Be sure to keep the free food received by the survey at level 12 for the boneyards grind.

If you intend to use only a single food buff, You will need to decide which of the 2 upcoming locations to use it at. If your class has significant single-target damage, or extremely high sustain, you will want to use your food buff in Wraithbloom Meadows. If your class has more AoE, or lacks the ability to self heal consistantly for long periods of time, you will instead want to use your food buff in Vulture’s dig. Follow the paragraphs below accordingly.

If you are using a single food in Wraithbloom, Run to the east and grab the Raider’s Arc Windstride (grab the others on the way if you like). After getting this point, windstride back to Wraithbloom Meadows, and use your food (if you are using it). Grind Wraithbloom until at least level 25, as high as 28. If you still have time on your food after reaching 28, windstride to the digs and continue your grind until level 31/32.

If you are using a single food in the digsites, Grind Wraithbloom until level 25, and then run to the east and grab the Raider’s Arc Windstride,Picking up and Turning in “Eager to Learn” on the way for some free experience, and grabbing the other windstride points on the way if you like. Use your food and begin grinding the digsites until level 31/32.

If you intend to use 2 food buffs, run to the east and grab the Raider’s Arc Windstride (grab the others on the way if you like). After getting this point, windstride back to Wraithbloom Meadows, and begin your first food. As soon as you hit level 25, immediately windstride to Raider’s Arc, and begin grinding Vultures dig until your 2nd food has expired, or you reach level 32, whichever happens first. You can stay in Wraithbloom until 28, however it is only efficient if you are able to clear exceptionally fast.

Once you have reached LEVEL 31 (or 32 if you grind quickly, though its usually not worth it), You can then windstride back to Wispwater Spring to continue your campaign.


Chapter 9 Continuation: Once reaching LEVEL 31, turn in “A Plog In Need”, “Puppy Love”, “Dismantling the Cult”, “Holding Out for a Hero”, and then go continue your Campaign quest.

Chapter 10: Continue Main Quest

Chapter 11: Continue the Main Quest, if you picked up the waypoint earlier, feel free to Windstride. If you do not Windstride, Pick up and Turn in“Eager to Learn” on the way for some free experience! PIck up “Joining the Battle”. Head north out of town, then collect the Arrowroots, andpurchase a Raven Feather Fan. Pick up “For the Legion” faction quest, complete it quickly, and then turn it in. Windstride back to Sandstone Refuge.

Chapter 12: Continue the story in town.

Chapter 13: Pick up “Notes From The Past”, and “Honor the Dead”Head north out of town, turning in “Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.” on the way out. Enter the mine, and pick up a note from the mobs inside, then complete both wings of the mine (3 quests). Pick up the Fraudulent Letter, and use it to start “Jong Richu’s Fake Account”. Windstride to Sandstone Refuge and turn in all quests.

Chapter 14: Follow the Main Story, Windstride to Yonkai Refuge, and turn in “Jong Richu’s Fake Account”.

Chapter 15: Continue the story, changing channels if needed to repopulate the Raptors. If possible, avoid going to the north spawn point.

Chapter 16: Windstride to Raider’s Arc if you picked it up earlier, if not, run there. Complete the main story questline.

Chapter 17: Before leaving town, pick up “Digging for Answers” and “Scavenger Sabotage“. Head into the Vulture’s digsite. Collect all 15 charms, then finish your campaign, and talk to Oh Tak. Escort Oh Tak out, completing “Scavenger Sabotage” on the way, and pick up “The Chronicles of Narya-Na” to start “An Old Pledge”. Windstride back to Raider’s Arc.

Chapter 18: Pick up “A sensitive Delivery” and “Opal’s First Task”, then run to Crescent Springs. Turn in all quests, then Pick up “Fishing is the Worst”. Head just south of town to burn the nest with the torch, and pick up the Rock Salt.

Chapter 19: Head east out of town to turn in “Three-Point Landing” and “Hit the Ground Running” (you can buy these items from the market and have them delivered if needed). Use a “Yehara’s Mirage Return Charm” to teleport to Yehara’s Mirage (or run there). Turn in your Campaign, then head underneath to the kitchens and pick up “Kicking it up a Notch”, complete “Kicking it up a Notch”, Pick up and complete “The Price of Friendship”, then head upstairs and pick up “Making up for Lost Time”. Finish it by talking to the man in the chandelier (this is turned in later), and then head outside of the main tent. Leave Yehara’s Mirage, and defeat Gloom Sandbiters to complete Chapter 19. Windstride back to the Mirage. Head back Upstairs and turn in both Chapter 19, and “Making up for Lost Time”

Chapter 20: Continue the Main story thru the Naryu temple, Windstriding out to Dry Docks to turn it in.

Chapter 21: Continue thru Shadowmist Crypt, once again using A Yehara’s Mirage Return Charm (or Windstride) to return to Yehara’s Mirage to turn it in.

Chapter 22: Follow the main storyline quests.

Chapter 23: Head upstairs and complete “The Mirage’s Farewell” for some free experience! Make sure to pick up your Baotite weapon with your 10 cinderlands charms! Head into Spirestone Canyons (this is a great time to do inventory management, complete surveys, adjust your skills, etc). Continue into the Ploghollows, completing Chapter 23, and Windstride out to turn it in.

Chapter 24: Pick up and Turn in “Pottery Politics”, then continue the main quest forward

Chapter 25: Continue main quest | Then Windstride back to the town | Guide in Haiku Form

Chapter 26: Pick up “A Miner Problem”,  then head north once again, collecting Ore Fragments on the way to Yonkai Command Post. Head into the Altar of Champions and complete the main story, then Windstride back to the Yonkai Command Post.

Chapter 27: Once again, we follow the main storyline quests. Once you reach Yonkai Forward Camp, Pick up and complete “Soldier Survey” Collect the Charms from the Witch Doctors, then Windstride to turn them in and continue Chapter 27. At this point, you should be at least LEVEL 32.5 (you are likely 33). Finish Chapter 27 by clearing Lotus Lake, and traveling to Clear Sky Village.

Chapter 28: Once again, continue the main story.

Chapter 29: Once at the Yonkai Skeleton Crew, pick up “Old Soldiers, Bold Soldiers” and turn it in. Complete the Mausoleum, thenESCAPE out, run back and Turn in Chapter 29.

Chapter 30: Windstride to The Great Kiln. Pick up “Gone to Pot“, and “For the Love of Guhwa”. Fully complete and turn in “Gone to Pot”. Use another Yehara’s Mirage Return Charm (or wait and windstride), and turn in all quests in the Mirage.

Chapter 31: Pick up “The Avian Advantage”, then leave the mirage towards Raptor’s Rise. Glide across the rocks, completing “The Avian Advantage”, then Pick up “Where the Yes Men Play” and continue Chapter 31 towards The Playpen. Complete the Playpen, and defeat the warden to finish “Where the Yes Men Play”. Turn it in remotely. Then Escape and run north towards Jaofang Village. If you are not at least LEVEL 33, grind any of the mobs outside Jaofang village to reach 33. If you need more than half of a level, go grind the Yes Man Fight Club.

Chapter 32: Once in Jaofang Village, pick up and complete “Tour Remorse” while accepting Chapter 32. Travel to Jaofang Rootway to complete your main story quest. Once inside Jaofang Rootway, pick up “Darkest Hour” and complete it as you finish your main story inside. Once both quests are complete, Escape, turn in “Darkest Hour”, and then Windstride back to Jaofang Village.

Chapter 33: Pick up “Pecking Order” as you leave town, then head east, making sure to pick up the windstride point for the Observation Post. Pick up the Roc’s Feather, and kill Bladebeak to complete “Pecking Order”. Windstride back to Jaofang Village.

Chapter 34: Windstride to the Observation Post (or run). Travel to the Yonkai Checkpoint, Accept the quest “A Worthy Prize”, and head into theYes Man Fight Club. Complete both quests inside. Windstride out, turn in “A Worthy Prize”, and head north to begin Chapter 35.

Chapter 35: Follow the main story. Hint: If you run through everything in the Smuggler’s Den, when you reach the end, they all automatically reset! Finish in the Den, then Windstride to Blindeye Bazaar.

Chapter 36: Pick up “Bringing Home the Bacon” and “Seeking Hide”, complete and turn in “Bringing Home the Bacon”. Head Northwest out of town and pick up “Windwalk this Way” and continue “Seeking Hide”. Windwalk to the pillar and get “Windwalk this Way pt. 2”. Drop down to ground level, kill 12 wolves and the Alpha Wolf. After completing both quests, do not turn them in and head East out of town towards Bleachbone Outpost. Turn in Chapter 36.

Chapter 37: Pick up “Culture Shock” and “End of the Line”. Head North, completing “Culture Shock” and “End of the Line” on the way, and pick up “Last Man Standing”, and “Out of Season”, Grab the Bundle from on top of the bridge, and return to turn in “Out of Season”, and “End of the Line”. Pick up “Survival of the Fittest”. Farm Yes Men until your campaign item drops, and kill Tanghong for his quest item. If you are near completion of “Survival of the Fittest”, feel free to finish it up. Run back towards Bleachbone outpost, turning in all quests along the way.

Chapter 38: Pick up and turn in “An Eerie Conversation”, then head towards the Boneyards to continue your campaign. If you are short on experience to accept these quests, farm Boneyards briefly until level 34, then return to do this initial section, continuing Boneyards after. DO NOT OPEN THE CAGES TO RELEASE SOHA AND JUWOL. By leaving these cages closed in the upcoming grind, the dungeon has more monsters, for slightly more experience!


Boneyards Grind: 

Use your level 12 survey food (practice the run a few times first if you don’t know it), and aoe grind the Boneyards for the full 30 minutes. Depending on your current xp, aim to reach near LEVEL 37 in the boneyards by the end of your food buff, however you must reach at least LEVEL 36.5 even if your food buff expires.

Authors Note: Grinding the Boneyards can be tough. The larger enemies charge has an absolutely massive hitbox, and the smaller mobs are particularly skilled at pulling you out of sprint. If you run by the larger ones in melee range, they open up with a longer swing instead of the charge, causing them to always miss, negating the charge most of the time. Once you have pulled the entire dungeon, look to pull all of them together into a single spot using line-of-sight. Use defensive cooldowns liberally, as these mobs hit insanely hard. If you are leveling an assassin, it is nearly impossible to AoE Boneyards efficiently, so instead, skill the highest damage perma-stealth build you can, and cut thru the mobs rapidly 1 at a time. This portion of the grind is the hardest, and most mind-numbingly slow. Thankfully, this is nearly the last spot to grind, and the final spot is incredibly easy and fast; Good luck!


Chapter 38 Pt. 2: After completing your grind, open the cages and finish chapter 38.

Chapter 39: Finish Boneyards then Escape. Head North from the Boneyards, killing “Ahnki” on the way for his quest starting item “Get Rich, Dummy!”. Continue towards Shadowmist Keep, turning in “Get Rich, Dummy!” on the way. Finish Shadowmist keep, then Windstride out and head to the Wings of Mushin. Finish Chapter 39.

Chapter 40: Main Story

Chapter 41: Windstride to Yehara’s Mirage, and turn in Chapter 41. Pick up and complete “Talk of the Town”. Windstride to Blindeye Bazaar, then turn in “Seeking Hide” and “Windwalk this Way”. Finish the campaign to travel to Moonwater Plains!!


Feel free to run Tomb of the Exiles a few times to get your weapon if you have not already, and make sure you are LEVEL 37.75 before going into moonwater. If you are not high enough level, continue to grind the Boneyards, or continue the guide, and stop to grind either the shattered rise, or the bears in the Predator’s Den for the difference.


Author’s Note: I personally am not a huge fan of the Moonwater areas; Many of them feel like they drag on too long, or the side quests involve significant rerouting or are a massive waste of time. In addition, the EXP given from Moonwater is relatively poor in comparison to previous zones, making grinding a much higher priority then before, and the “best” grinding spot is generally occupied already. While there are alternative instanced grinding spots, none of them are particularly as fast. In addition to this, we enter this chapter very early, and are forced to do quite a few side-quests in order to maintain our level with the minimum required for the campaign. We choose to do most of these side quests in the early portion of the zone as they tend to be a bit more compact

Silverfrost Note: With Silverfrost coming out, significant portions of this guide may change. Depending what level is required to access each of the various Silverfrost campaign missions, its possible that sections of Moonwater may be able to be cut out in order to advance to Silverfrost sooner, which could have even better grinding spots then the camp. I’ll try to update this as soon as possible, but it will require a bit of testing to determine the perfect entrance level for Silverfrost to still allow campaign progression, while not overleveling potential high-value areas. I have left a few characters at various levels to allow for this testing, but it will take time; I hope to have a rough guide up after passing thru the area 3-4 times, depending on its complexity to route, and a finalized version after 6-8 times. Depending on the time required to go thru Silverfrost, this may take a few days up to about a week. See you guys at 50!!!


Chapter 1: Finish the Chapter

Chapter 2: Continue thru chapter, picking up “A Gathering under the Moon” along the way.  As of the time of writing this, There is a bug preventing entering twilight garden, if you encounter this bug, simply continue running forward to enter until you finally enter. Complete the dungeon, then Windstride back to Brightstone Village. Turn in quests, and then pick up “Traitors, Haters, and Liberators”. Complete “Traitors, Haters, and Liberators”, then pick up “Paengi’s Impatience” and “A Tale of Two Sisters”.  Pick up the Proclamations in the area, then then head south to complete Chapter 2.  After receiving the Talus Orders, head east and turn in “A Tale of Two Sisters”, and pick up “Mine Break”.  On your way out, make sure you finish up “Paengi’s Impatience”. Turn in “Paengi’s Impatience”, and pick up “Paengi’s Determination”.  Return to town and turn in all quests, making sure to read the quest items in your inventory!

Chapter 3: Turn in “Talk to Gubin” and pick up “Insider Information” on the way to the mine, then complete all quests in the mine. Escape from the mine, turn in “Insider Information” (dont forget to read the letter!). Pick up “Outsider Information”, then run back to Brightstone Village, turning in “Mine Break” on the way. Turn in all quests, then Continue Chapter 3 towards the Skygate.

Chapter 4: Pick up “Tax to Grind” and “A scholarly Path – Local Delicacies”, then complete and turn in both, as well as “Outsider Information”. Pick up “A Radiant Request”, and “A Matter of Taste”, then complete both. Pick up “Three Dog Plight”, and By the Shine of the Moon” (difficult). Enter the Teetering Falls and complete all quests. Escape to the front, turning in “Three Dog Plight”, then head towards the Shady Quarry, Once completing the campaign there, Windstride back to Greenhollow.

Chapter 5: Pick up “Against Regulation”, then head out of town, completing “Against Regulation” on the way. Once at the Hunter’s Camp, turn in “Against Regulation”, and pick up “The Unforgivable One” Continue into The Shattered Rise, and GRIND UNTIL level 39 (this shouldn’t be more than half a level). Once you are Level 38, Finish the Chapter quest, and turn in “The Unforgivable One”. Windstride to the Hunter’s camp, continuing the campaign, and pick up “Saving Skin” on the way. Complete both quests in the Predator’s Den, then Windstride back to the Hunter’s Camp and turn them in.

Chapter 6: Pick up “Wolf at the Door”, then go turn it in. Pick up “Convoy!”, “Too Much to Bear”, and “I, Lycandi”, then complete all 3 while finishing the Brown Bear Pelts. Turn in all quests once complete, and pick up “Lone Wolf”. Complete quests again, and then pick up “Making them Pay”, “The Hills Have Prizes”, and “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”. Finish the campaign on top of town, then head north to the Lycandi War Tent. Make sure to turn in “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” at the tent, then continue the Campaign. Windstride back to the Lilystalk Tradepost when ready.

Chapter 7: Turn in “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”, then pick up “Crying Wolf” and “The Bold”. Head West out of town and complete “The Hills Have Prizes” while doing your main quest. Head further west, and once at the large tree, complete “The Bold”, “Crying Wolf”, and pick up and complete “A Scholarly Path – Wolf’s Clothing”. Then head towards the Lycandi Den for the continuation of Chapter 7. Complete the entirety of Chapter 7, windstride back to Lilystalk Tradepost when ready.

Chapter 8: Pick up “Freedom”, “Family Business”, and “Where Wolves of Lycandi?”head north and complete both “Freedom” and “Making Them Pay”.  Complete “Where Wolves of Lycandi?” if needed. Head West once you have turned all quests in, and complete “Family Business” on the way. Once at Hogshead Mill, turn in all quests, and pick up “Tour Interrupted”, “Dirty Dealing”, and “I Don’t Know Why”. Complete all of these quests, turn them in, and then continue chapter 8 towards Hogshead Hamlet. Stop off at Pig Ranch to pick up and complete “Diamonds in the Trough”, “The Last Straw”, “Swallow Your Pride”, “It’s A Wash”, and pick up “Sty Games” on your way north out of town. Finish “Sty Games” on your way into Hogshead Pastures. Continue to complete the main story, making sure to accept “The Disappearance” from the quest item dropped by Taskmasters. Defeat 7 Fierce Wolves outside of the Pigsty, then return to town, turn in quests and begin Chapter 9. You should be 75% of the way to LEVEL 40, if not, consider doing a few additional optional quests coming up.

Chapter 9: Pick up “Pignapped”, “The Hog Days Are Over”, and “Eating Crow”. Complete these 3 quests while doing your main quest in the same area, then go turn them in. Pick up and complete the entire “She Loves Him, She Loves Him Not”, and continue chapter 9. Pick up “Legend of the Hujikar”, and “Catfished”, then proceed into the Slark Workshop to complete the quest(s) inside. Make sure to accept “Cold-Blooded Experiments” from the Research Log dropped from Tsudalin. Exit and turn in all quests.

Chapter 10: Head north, picking up “Back Pains” on the way, Then pick up “Race Against Swine” (timed), and “Sorry To Bug You”, and complete all quests as you finish the main story in the same area. Turn in “Back Pain” and pick up and complete “A Benevolent God”. Complete all other quests in town to advance Chapter 10, then pick up “A Brother’s Obligations”, and “We Got a Little Convoy”. Head north into the Old Prison Tunnel and complete all quests inside. Return to town and turn in everything.

Chapter 11: Pick up and complete, “Bottom of a Bottle”, then head east out of town towards the Fishing Lodge. Continue Chapter 11 towards the Augerite Cavern, completing chapter 11 on the way.

Chapter 12: Pick up “Blackram Begone” and then push your campaign. Do not worry about completing “Blackram Begone”. Finish Chapter 12, then grind Wayfarer’s Wharf until you are 50% of the way to LEVEL 41. If you are already there, you can abandon “Blackram Begone”.

Chapter 13: Head towards Angler’s Watch, and Fully Complete Chapter 13

Chapter 14: Pick up “Halfmoon Merrymaker”. Kill a pickpocket in town to get the quest item starting “To Catch A Pilferer”. Pick up “Extracurricular Festivities”. Complete and turn in all quests while in town, then complete all of chapter 14. Before returning to Fisheblly Pub and going to the Croak King’s Court, run to the east and use the Dragon Pulse to reach The Plogstead and unlock the windstride point. Once there, Windstride back to Fishbelly Pub and had towards the Croak King’s Court. Once at the Croak King’s Court, pick up “Inplognito” and “Rebels Without a Plog”. Focus on completing your main story quest, Killing any Lieutenants you see. If you don’t get Qingwa to spawn, then simply skip “Inplognito”. 

Chapter 15: Windstride to The Plogstead. Pick up “Clash at Blood Peak” then continue the story quests, then windstride back to town once complete. You MUST be LEVEL 41 at this point. If you are not, go back and grind your favorite spot until you are.

Chapter 16: Continue your story, picking up and completing “A Plog by Any Other Name” in the Snapjaw Passage. Complete Chapter 16, picking up and completing “The Terror In The Orchard”, and picking up “I’ve Got Soul But I’m Not a Warden” before windstriding back to the Snapjaw Camp.

Chapter 17: Pick up “Tear’s in the Rain” and collect the keepsake on the way north to Bloodscale Post, and then complete both Chapter 17, and “I’ve Got Soul But I’m Not a Warden”. After completing both, pick up “Honoring the Dead”, and complete it just east of town.  Enter the Fallen Refuge, and finish chapter 17 inside.

Chapter 18: Main Story

Chapter 19: Main Story

Chapter 20: Main Story

Chapter 21: Pick up “If You Can Hold On, Hold On”, Then Windstride to the Soul Ward when ready. Turn in “If You Can Hold On, Hold On” and “Tears In The Rain”, Pick up “Memories of a Mysterious Handmaiden” then head towards the Pilfered Treasury. Complete both quests, then Windstride out to the Soul Ward to turn them in. Finish Chapter 21.

Chapter 22: Main Story

Chapter 23: Main Story

Chapter 24: Pick up “Riled Hunt”Continue the Main story, completing “Riled Hunt” if needed.

Chapter 25: Once at the Besieged Camp, pick up “The Risking Tide of Darkness” and “Far Worse Things”. Complete both, and grind until LEVEL 43.  If the Besieged Camp is a bit overpopulated to grind, you can alternatively finish chapter 25, then head to the Talus Engineer Corps and grind inside there instead. It is instanced, but not quite as great of a rate of experience as the Besieged Camp. (As of the patch on 3/23/2016, this spot no longer gives experience for any mob other than the commanders!)   Both of these areas are a amazing spots to use your level 42 survey food buff, and I highly recommend using it. If you use food, continue to grind until your food buff expires completely, even if you pass 43. 

Chapter 26: Pick up “Warfare, Automated” and “Loot the Messenger”. Complete all 3 quests, including the main story, making sure to kill Lee Dolsun for his Blueprint, Starting “Imperial Automaton Unit”. Return to town after all quests are done and turn them all in, then head Northeast towards the Brightstone Ruins. Continue and complete all of Chapter 26.

Chapter 27: Main Quest

Chapter 28: Finish Moonwater!

At This point, I have trimmed the guide pending Silverfrost. Previously, you would either grind Besieged camp, or do the various 24 man quests/grind instead, however the exact minimum level for Silverfrost is not 100% known; so this may be enough to enter. We shall see!


Author’s Note: This is still a VERY early version of pathing through silverfrost. I’ll be updating this multiple times as I reroute and better determine the best path, but I am putting an early version here for those who may need it.

Chapter 1: Windstride to Hogshead Hamlet and complete “The Calling of the Naryu Sage” to unlock and windstride to Mushin’s Tower. Complete “The Calling of the Naryu Sage”, After completing this, return upstairs to finish Chapter 1.

Chapter 2: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 3: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 4: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 5: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 6: Follow the Main Story. Pick up “Croaked” once you arrive at the Plog Sanctum, and once you have delivered the plant, head to the large frog statue in the middle of the lake to kill the 10 weaker plogs. Turn this quest in remotely, then windstride to the next town.

Chapter 7: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 8: Follow the Main Story, picking up and completing “Eradicated Love” along the way.

Chapter 9: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 10: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 11: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 12: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 13: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 14: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 15: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 16: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 17: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 18: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 19: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 20: Follow the Main Story. Lanter order: 5-2-3-4-1

Chapter 21: Follow the Main Story.

Chapter 22: Follow the Main Story, once you reach Snowforest Monastery, pick up and complete “No Monk Left Behind”. Finish Chapter 22.

Chapter 23: Follow the Main Story.

Authors Note: We finally have got out of the story rush and start getting some choices on quests. (Un)fortunately, most of these quests coming up give an absolutely insane amount of experience compared to grinding, and are almost necessary. Its possible that Daily quests will be more beneficial at a later point, but I havn’t pathed it yet, so for now, I am just marking down most quests as “optional”, however it is probably a good idea to do them. There are a few quests not worth doing at all however, so I make sure to avoid those.w

Chapter 24: Follow the Main Story, picking up “Keeping the Peace” on the way out of town. Pick up “Gone Girl” on the way, complete “Keeping the Peace”, then “Gone Girl”. Complete “The Great Escape” on the way towards Evergreen. Complete both “Heartbreaker” and “Whitehares in the Mist”. Complete “Chop Chop”. Pick up both “A Fish of Destiny”, and “In the Name of Progress”. After turning in “In the Name of Progress”, pick up “What Goes Around…”, then complete “Fish of Destiny” and “What Goes Around…”. Pick up “Wolf Man” and complete it. Once in the Northern Expedition, pick up “Mite-y Fine Shooting”, “Crazy Is As Crazy Does”, “Gomung’s Blunder”, complete all 3, then pick up “The Red Claw of Courage”. Complete “The Red Claw of Courage”, then pick up and complete “For Want Of A Rice Cake” on your way out of town to the east.  Once in Wild Springs, pick up “Odd Plog Out”, and continue “Where is my Mind”. Complete all of these quests, then head East towards Ogong’s Folly. Finish Chapter 25.

Chapter 25: Main Story

Chapter 26: pick up “In Defense of the Weak” and “Till Death Do Us Part”. Complete your main story and “Till Death Do Us Part”, completing “In Defense of the Weak” when you are going to the Herbside Inn for your main story.

Chapter 27: Pick up “Put A Fire In Your Belly” and “Out in the Cold”, as well as the continuation to “Till Death Do Us Part”. Complete all of these quests as you complete your main story, then return to the Herbside Inn, and turn them all in. Head towards the Explorer’s Base Camp. Pick up and complete “About A Boy”, then head out of the camp towards the Shrieking Caverns. Complete chapter 27 in the caverns, then continue to chapter 28.

Chapter 28: Main Story

Chapter 29: Continue north towards the North Outpost, then pick up “Party Patrol” and complete it while doing your main quest. Once both are done, head north out of town to continue your main story at Northreach.

Chapter 30: Pick up “The Case of the Missing Nephew” for later, then continue towards The Seven Thousand Steps Silverfrost Citadel. Complete all of Chapter 30.

Chapter 31: Main Story

Chapter 32: Main Story. After completing this chapter, you should be a bit of the way into LEVEL 49. The remaining 75% of the level can be gained in various ways, however the path that I recommend follows as below. 

Lvl 49 Part 1: Head towards Frontier’s Edge, completing “The Case of the Missing Nephew” along the way.



43: 90600

44: 98500

45: 177400

49: 1129400





This guide represents a long investment and many hours spent pouring over spreadsheets, plotting maps, and calculating xp values. I personally enjoy doing this stuff, and plan to keep this guide up to date with future patch changes and higher level content to the best of my ability. If you enjoyed this guide and found it useful, please feel free to give others the link to this guide, but please do not copy it. This guide has been given freely as my gift to the community, if you have been asked to pay, sign up, or provide anything for this guide, please inform me IMMEDIATELY. Likewise, if you feel this guide has been helpful, and wish to donate, I will place a donation link below once the guide is completed.

Feel free to tune into my stream when I am streaming to watch my content. Generally I will be either playing in arena (mid-plat FM), pathing/routing this guide, or doing various solo/group content.

Thanks again for reading this guide, and hopefully it will help you level faster!