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Make 20G+ Per Hour – Feathers


To start out this post, I want to mention that farming this does require decent gear. I personally found that 425-450AP is enough to be useful in duo’ing the following, however if you wish to solo it, expect to need higher. Aim to be able to put out about 400k damage in 1 minute, or you will have trouble. For comparison, if you can do Janghado in 2 minutes, or Mushin form 1 in about a minute, you should be fine. If you cannot, you will either need to be VERY careful in pulling, or bring a friend.

The respawn rate is high enough that you should never need to leave your camp, and the drops are reliable enough that it can provide a pretty steady form of income. I expect the price to drop a bit after this post, but this is only one of a few of my various farming method’s ill be releasing soon!


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Make 8g+ Per Hour Square Gem Flipping

In this first post on economy, I am going to give one of my earliest economy flips that I came across, arguably one of my highest money makers! Square Gem Fragments sell for almost nothing, a couple handfuls of copper at most, and yet specific Brilliant Gems sell for upwards of 20 Silver!

The Math:

lets assume that you purchase square gem fragments for 10 copper each, an insanely high amount, considering their sale price has not passed 10 copper in the last month (as of the time of writing this).

It takes 4 fragments, and 10 copper to transmute. If we assume a 50% fail rate (about right), that means it costs 4 fragments and 20 copper per successful transmutation, a total of 60 copper per success.

The box can contain any one of 12 different types of gems, 2 of which automatically bind to your character. We are after 2 of the 2 results, both of which sell for around 10-20 silver each.

If we craft 120 boxes, we should expect to receive 20 “good” gems. At the costs listed above, each box costs us 60 copper, for a total cost of 72 silver. If we sell each of those 20 gems for an average of about 15 silver, we receive 3 gold, for a net profit of 2.28 gold. Each box takes about 4 seconds to craft/click, for an average of about 450 boxes per hour.

This brings our total gold per hour to just over 8.5 gold per hour, doing nothing but clicking a single button in town, then listing some gems.

The Downfall:

Unfortunately, this does tear through your potential auction slots very quickly, for not a ton of profit per slot. Generally I look to max out my slots each day by filling in the extras with these, rather than ONLY using this for profit.

The market is also not very good for these, they take a few minutes to sell, and if too many people do this, there won’t be enough demand for the supply, so consider this with caution.

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